Final Video Project


We focused our final video project on how to study for finals week in college. We used the iPad, microphone and tripod to shoot the video. We edited our video on Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 on an iMac computer.

Shot List:

Shot 1 0.00 pan of library

Shot 2 0.03 Jenna talking

Shot 3 0.05 Jenna walking into library

Shot 4 0.08 Jenna talking outside of Starbucks

Shot 5 0.10 Jenna ordering coffee

Shot 6 0.11 Jenna waiting for coffee

Shot 7 0.13 Jenna receiving coffee

Shot 8 0.14 Jenna walking away with coffee

Shot 9 0.16 Jenna sitting at a desk

Shot 10 0.18 Pan of basement library

Shot 11 0.20 Jenna sitting at desk again

Shot 12 0.22 Jenna crying at the desk

Shot 13 0.23 Jenna pouting at the desk

Shot 14 0.25 Jenna sitting at desk with headphones

Shot 15 0.26 Jenna talking at the desk

Shot 16 0.27 Jenna talking at the desk

Shot 17 0.30 Jenna writing the list

Shot 18 0.32 Jenna talking at the desk

Shot 19 0.36 Jenna building book fort

Shot 20 0.38 Jenna prancing

Shot 21 0.40 Jenna using headphones

Shot 22 0.43 Jenna doing cartwheels

Shot 23 0.45 Jenna exploring a book

Shot 24 0.48 Jenna sitting at the desk werid

Shot 25 0.51 Jenna holding post it note

Shot 26 0.56 Jenna running

Shot 27 0.57 Jenna sitting at desk

Shot 28 1.05 rolling credits

Top Five Greatest Fictional Male Characters Of Our Time

  1. Jack Dawson, Titanic- Its a classic. It always will be. Jack Dawson, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, takes first place and completely trumps any and all fictional male characters that have ever been. Jack’s smooth talking charms the heck out of every girl and his huge heart captivates his dedicated fans. Of course his gorgeous looks assist in his favor, and the fact that he dies definitely assists in the heart ache.
  2. The Salvatore Brothers, Vampire Diaries- Damon Salvatore, played by Ian Somerhalder, and Stefan Salvatore, played by Paul Wesley take a close second because they are the ultimate dynamic duo. Damon is the sexy and dangerous bad boy who makes loving him feel like the best crime you could ever commit. Stefan is the boy next door type of heart throb that makes you want to run into his arms once something bad happens. The two brothers pick up where each other lack off which makes it impossible not to obsess over them both.
  3. Julio Espinosa, The Grand Hotel- Julio is played by Yon González. Julio is caring, courageous, loving, sensitive and so many other thoughtful things you can only imagine your future husband will be. His looks are 100% inherited from Gods and as I’m typing his description I wonder why the heck he isn’t at the very top of my list.
  4. Charles Brandon, The tutors- Henry, Henry, Henry. Henry Cavill is a thrilling English Duke in The Tutors and total eye candy. Though Charles cheats on both of his wives, I find myself forgetting that part about him overtime I look into his beautiful blue eyes. His character, to be honest, isn’t anything like Julio but his looks certainly make up for it. Yummy.
  5. Tate Langdon, American Horror Story (Murder House)- Tate, played by Evan Peters, is so mysterious in the most disturbing way. Though he may be an insane boy who went crazy and mass murdered some of his classmates at school, something about him captivates me and the rest of the young females adult who watch AHS. Tate needs some serious help, but he kind of makes me feel like I could change him, which just makes me want him more.

My Dog Is My Best Friend

I’m being 100% serious when I say that my dog, Duchess, is my best friend. I have three labs, Duke (7 years old), Duchess (6 years old), and Abe-short for Abraham- (4 years old). Duke and Abe are pretty decent dogs, both are black labs, but Duchess is absolutely stellar.

Duchess and I have pretty much been through everything. When I picked her out, she was the only puppy of her litter who was a cinnamon lab (red-ish, brown-ish coat). She was also the fattest & laziest puppy. In high school she used to stay up all night with me when I had to study. She sleeps with me whenever I come home from college. No joke- I even watched Duchess give birth to her first puppy when she was accidentally impregnated by Duke- oops lol.

Duchess is the bomb. She’s fierce. She’s sassy. She’s beautiful. She’s my best friend. If anyone is doubting whether I’m being serious or not, I just devoted an entire blog post to my cinnamon lab (which my professor will have to read and grade).

I’m way serious.

img_2421 img_2420

Photo of Jenna LeMair & her dog Duchess by Jenna LeMair. ©2016 Jenna LeMair. All Rights Reserved.

Why People Fall In Love With Their Cabins


Whether you own one yourself or you just hear all the rave about them, cabins are everything you need in the most beautiful way. The LeMair family has five members plus a guest per child, which adds at least three more people, plus three grown labs.

My cabin is a tiny, two bedroom, two bathroom, wooden box. You’d think with five to eight people plus three animals wouldn’t fit, right?

Haha we don’t. Literally. My brother and his squad have to camp outside in tents since I’m not about to try and get my beauty sleep with the assistance of ticks and raccoons. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that the size of our cabin doesn’t even matter. We’re constantly outside enjoying the weather and playing with the dogs. The feeling of cruising on the jet ski across the lake is irreplaceable, until you fall off of course. Coming back from a four wheel ride covered head to toe in mud is legit the only being covered in an unknown brown substance is actually super exciting. Some of the best self reflecting times are when you can just go to the end of the dock and take a moment to absorb the innocent air, admire the perfect water, the setting sun and just truly appreciate everything at that moment. The cabin creates moments that can’t be bought, but will make your soul content.

So, when people talk about the love they have for their cabin, just know that they probably aren’t talking about the actual cabin, they’re talking about the incredible experiences they get to create all through the gift of nature when they go to visit the cabin.


Photo of Jenna LeMair & her dog Duchess by Jenna LeMair. ©2016 Jenna LeMair. All Rights Reserved.

How My Friends Are Your Favorite Fictional Characters

Emily, easy going, girly and totally clueless. If Emily were to be any fictional character she would be Sher from the movie Clueless. Emily is a total diva, loves shopping and is always in the social light! She adores her friends and is always looking for ways to improve her friend groups status. A little boy crazy, Emily is a lovable glam-doll!

Alyssa, or should I say Monica Geller? Total OCD clean freaks who find pure joy from deep cleaning and reorganizing. Like Monica, Alyssa values holiday traditions like her annual Christmas eve party with her mom’s side of the family. Both competitive souls, Monica and Alyssa are two peas in a very very clean pod!

Vanessa is a beauty. She’s a hopeless romantic who is always getting swept off of her feet by a handsome prince (aka a hockey player), whether she intends to or not. This princess would be the Disney character Cinderella! She has lots of sisters and is always working hard. Vanessa’s blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin is a perfect match up with this pretty princess!


When We Say Dance Is Life…We Really Mean It

SCSU Dance Team

The typical catch phrase every dancer is so immune to saying is, “I can’t I have dance”.

Collegiate dance teams are intense. I’m currently a sophomore and I’m currently in route with my second year on the St. Cloud State University’s Dance Team. One thing I learn earl on in my dancing career is that dance season is every season. Dance is literally always in season. Our typical agenda consists of three, three hour practices a week, dancing sidelines for football games, performing half time routines at sporting events, countless fundraisers, campus event appearances, choreography weekends, clinics, and any day off that we might have is devoted to goal work and workouts with our assigned accountability partners.

Coming off of a huge win at nationals last year, the pressure is on to keep our national championship title for pom. The more the year goes on, the more hectic our schedules get and the more intense our season gets. Our Christmas break is a whopping total of four days this year. While everyone has over two weeks to be home, my team puts in over 80 hours of two-a-days practice in preparation for nationals.

Though it is more effort than can be put into words, the experience is way worth it all. The friendships, work ethic, time management skills, dedication, drive, the passion, are all things I am so grateful for. No one will ever understand what it means to say that dance is life… unless you’re a dancer yourself.

Photo taken of Caitlin Gillet and Jenna LeMair taken by Caitlin Gillet. ©2016 Caitlin Gillet. All Rights Reserved.

Video of the St. Cloud State Dance Team taken by Megan Rosvold. ©2016 Megan Rosvold. All Rights Reserved.